Golden Palace Honiton King Prawn Dishes

King Prawn Dishes

83.King Prawns with Mushrooms£6.50
84.King Prawns with Black Bean Sauce  £6.50
85.King Prawns with Oyster Sauce£6.50
86.King Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onion£6.50
87.King Prawns with Szechuan Sauce  £6.50
88.King Prawns with Satay Sauce£6.50
89.King Prawns with Tomatoes£6.50
90.King Prawns with Peking Sauce  £6.50
91.King Prawns with Pineapple£6.50
92.King Prawns in Chinese Style£6.50
93.King Prawns with Chashew Nuts£6.50
94.King Prawns with Kung Po Sauce  £6.50
95.King Prawns with Salt & Pepper  £6.50
96.King Prawns with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce£6.50

Allergy Advice King Prawn Dishes

Allegy Advice

Allergy Advice: Most of our dishes contain Garlic, Soya, Gluten, Cooking Wine and Sesame Oil

Some of our dishes may contain any of the 14 allergens pictured and itemised above. If you have any allergies to these products please inform us before ordering. We will do our best to advise you.